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Club Wellness changed my life. I used to drink a lot of pop and now I don't. I used to have high blood pressure (which is not good, because I'm only 28), but now I don't. I really like that I get to be with my friends.

James D., Club Member

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Becky S..
CEO, Pathway Enterprises Inc.

"I'm very excited to see this extension of our Healthy Snacks, Cooking, Nutrition, and Gardening courses! What a great next step to wellness for our community and for Pathway!"

Pam B.
Club Wellness Trainer in a

Community Setting

My group loves this program, and it's making a difference with weight loss, lowered blood pressure, better self esteem, even reduced diabetes meds. The group is having fun and they get to be with their friends.  Club Wellness works!

Nikki H.

Adaptive P.E. Teacher and
Club Wellness Trainer in a School Setting

I believe strongly in Club Wellness. I'm happy to know it was developed by experts in the field.  The Trainer Manual is beautiful and so easy to follow. I'm used to having a lot of prep work, but Club Wellness, has done it for me!

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