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"The secret of your success is found
in your daily routine."

–John Maxwell

Organizing the Calendar
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A Quick Overview:

Club Wellness Aligns With National Health And Physical Education Standards

Club Wellness is a complete, activity based program, with each lesson consisting of the following components:

  • Fitness - Specific, safe exercises are provided for each lesson, with a seated option included for each exercise.

  • Healthy Eating - Aligning with Choose My Plate, each lesson features a Healthy Eating topic and a tasty, healthy, and easy recipe highlighting the theme.

  • Wellness/Well-being - Each lesson includes a general well-being focus, such as the importance of safety in the sun, or why oral hygiene is important for overall  health.


Who is Club Wellness for?

Designed specifically for those with special  needs, Club Wellness works for all, providing an easy opportunity for traditional groups or community inclusion. 

What ages are best for Club Wellness?

  • Middle School

  • High School

  • Transition Programs

  • Adults of all ages in Day Programs or Residential Settings

Club Wellness encourages a culture of healthy life choices, activity, involvement and acceptance.

IEPs and ISPs

Club Wellness includes weekly goal setting and tracking, as well as pre- and post-testing to assist with setting and tracking IEP or ISP goals.

Materials are Complete

Wellness Trainer Manual, Which Includes:

  • Comprehensive lesson plans, color coded for easy organization

  • Exercises with photos

  • Healthy Eating focus information (aligned with Choose My Plate)

  • Healthy Eating Suggested Activity

  • Wellness Tips

  • Suggested Wellness Activity

  • Suggested Wellness Activity at Home

  • Weekly Goal Setting & Tracking Worksheets

  • Sample Recipes with photos

Club Member Workbook Contains:

  • Exercises with photos

  • Nutrition focus Reminders

  • Wellness Tips & Activities

  • Goal Setting & Tracking Worksheets

  • Sample Recipes with photos

Why Club Wellness?

We know that information alone does not change habits. Information without action is not effective. Lifestyle changes are made only through practice, encouragement and support - the very foundations of Club Wellness.

The unique design of Club Wellness allows your students to participate as a group, encouraging and supporting each other, while allowing each individual to improve at his/her own pace.  

Best of all - you don't have to do any preparation work. The program is already complete, no special equipment is needed, and training is provided.

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With Club Wellness, It All Works

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Repetition is important, but can lead to a loss of enthusiasm. Club Wellness avoids this problem by providing you with 12 weeks of turn-key lesson plans that successfully combine consistency with variety, allowing students to enjoy repeating the program multiple times while staying engaged and interested. The ultimate result is positive lifestyle changes for your students.



Club Wellness can easily fit into your individual situation. Color coded by component to make things easy for the Teacher/Trainer, a session can be presented once a week for 1 1/2 hours, or 2 times a week for 45 minutes or 3 times a week for 1/2 hour. 

In-Person or Virtual

Club Wellness is ideal as an in-person program; however, it has proven to be effective and easy to deliver in a virtual setting.

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