A complete program of fitness, nutrition and wellness designed

specifically for those intellectual and developmental disabilities

and effective for all.

We are living in a time of extreme technological connectivity, yet the prevalence of people feeling lonely continues to rise. Those with intellectual disabilities tend to report a higher incidence of feeling lonely or socially isolated than their peers without disabilities. 

LONELINESS HAS HEALTH IMPLICATIONS. A recent study featured in the New York Times showed loneliness is associated with a reduced lifespan similar to someone who smokes. Loneliness is also linked to greater risk of heart disease, dementia, anxiety and depression.

CLUB WELLNESS IS A COMPLETE, ACTIVITY-RICH PROGRAM of fitness, nutrition and wellness designed specifically for people with intellectual disabilities, and effective for all. Our unique program builds a culture of inclusion, support and encouragement.

CLUB WELLNESS IS DELIVERED IN A TRAIN-THE-TRAINER format, allowing you to bring this unique and innovative program to your organization in a way that is sustainable. Your employees needs no specialized background for this complete program, because we provide training for your staff.

VIRTUAL CLUB WELLNESS: During this time of physically distancing from each other, Club Wellness is a perfect option for  virtual programming. It's a great way to keep people connected, active and involved. During our Train the Trainer workshop, we show your staff how to teach Club Wellness virtually in a way that is effective and fun.

SCHOOLS: Club Wellness aligns with National Health and Physical Education Standards. Click the "Schools" tab for more information.


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