Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Club Wellness Unique?

Club Wellness was developed specifically by and for people with intellectual disabilities, but is effective for all. It is not a program of handouts and lectures. It is active, designed to help Club Members improve health habits in a slow and lasting way, with new habits being formed for a lifetime of wellness. Club Wellness requires no special exercise equipment, making it affordable and accessible to all. Additionally, there is a seated option included for each exercise.  The recipes provided follow the nutrition focus lessons, and use readily available, common ingredients, making it easy for Club Members to use them at home.

Is it only for people with disabilities?

Club Wellness is for everyone! It was designed specifically for those with disabilities, but the program is effective for all. Club Members are encouraged to bring family members, friends, coworkers, care providers, etc. Studies consistently show that those trying to improve health habits are more successful if they have a friend working on similar goals. This is why Club Wellness is successful in a community setting or school setting. It is easy to make Club Wellness an inclusive activity.

How does it work?

Club Wellness will provide your staff/faculty with a Certified Training Workshop and license you to become a Club Wellness site.   The program is adaptable to different situations (for example community setting or school setting).  Each provided lesson plan includes the following components: 

     -Fitness Exercises (includes seated option)
     -Weekly Nutrition Focus & Activity
     -Weekly Wellness Tip & Activity
     -Wellness at Home Activity
     -Weekly Goal Setting & Action Plan

Can I get a sample of the materials?

A sample lesson plan is available, allowing you to see how comprehensive, complete, and "turn-key" each lesson is.


Send a request for a sample to:

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