The Program that Changes Lives

Using a Train-the-Trainer approach, Club Wellness allows your organization, school or club to become an accredited Club Wellness site. You select staff or faculty to become trained and certified as a Club Wellness Trainer during an active in-person workshop brought to your site.  Your Trainers receive ongoing support from Club Wellness.

VIRTUAL CLUB WELLNESS: During this time of social-distancing, Club Wellness has proven to be effective when taught virutally. It's a great way to keep a connection and encourage activity and healthy lifestyles when you are unable to meet in person. Training to teach Virtual Club Wellness is now included in every Train the Trainer session.

Club Wellness in a Community Setting

Your group can offer Club Wellness in a community setting. Club Members attend sessions independently at a Community Center, or through a Provider Organization (day support programs or with residential groups). Club Members can choose to bring a friend, relative, coworker or care provider, allowing you to promote inclusion.

Because Club Wellness includes pre- and post-testing of achievement and lifestyle surveys, the program can be instrumental in helping to achieve ISP health-related goals.


Club Wellness uses a unique structure that allows students of all ages, educational levels and fitness levels to  participate together, while improving fitness and nutrition behaviors,  working at their own level. Teachers can use the step-by-step turn-key curriculum, requiring no extra prep time.  Because Club Wellness includes pre- and post-testing of achievement, and lifestyle surveys, the program can be instrumental in helping to achieve and document IEP health related goals.

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