The Story Behind Club Wellness

Immediately after college, Janet Capetty worked in the fitness industry at clubs and colleges. For several years she taught classes to a college level men's soccer team who became 2-time National Champions. Though it was enjoyable, Janet felt a pull in another direction. She knew she wanted to bring opportunities to those who didn't yet know how much activity can enhance the quality of one's life. 

She jumped in when close friend and mentor, Eric Lentz, asked her to lead fitness classes for those with intellectual disabilities. That was all it took -- she knew quickly her heart was all in.

Janet then worked with Special Olympics for 20+ years, training coaches, volunteers and staff throughout North America. She developed curriculum for coaching courses and an in-home fitness program, utilized by an Adapted P.E. class at a University. 

Working with hundreds of provider agencies, special educators and families throughout the years, Janet became acutely aware of the need for quality wellness education and what it would take to meet those needs. She knew that of course it had to be safe and effective, but most of all FUN. After all, if it isn't fun, no one will do it.  So she tackled the creation of a new course which became CLUB WELLNESS, drawing on her years of experience and knowledge. What she is most proud of, is those using the program provided input and had a hand in its creation.

With guidance and encouragement from experts in the areas of Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Adapted P.E., and Special Education, CLUB WELLNESS works  for all -- people with and without disabilities.

For Janet, it's all about helping others realize the joy of movement, activity, and getting off the couch!

It's about helping Club Members to learn well, be well and live well.

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