Why Club Wellness is Needed


According to the Centers for Disease Control:

  • The obesity rate for adults with intellectual disabilities is 57% higher than those without disabilities.

  • The obesity rate for children with intellectual disabilities is 38% higher than those without disabilities.

  • People with intellectual disabilities have a 40% greater risk of preventable health conditions, as a result of poorly developed behaviors to promote health, such as regular physical activity and healthy eating practices.



A variety of factors are involved in causing the disparity, including:

  • Community Fitness Center staff with no specialized training to work with special populations have difficulty helping these members achieve success.

  • Transportation to a community wellness facility can be challenging.

  • Feeling isolated at a health club or community center can be common for those with special needs.  

  • Those living independently often use convenience (processed) foods for meals, due to lack of exposure to healthy alternatives and for cost savings. 

  • Until now, Special Ed classrooms haven't had easy access to Wellness curriculum developed specifically for their students.  


At Club Wellness we want to see these awful disparities end. Club Wellness is a complete, comprehensive Train-the-Trainer program that allows you to provide fitness, nutrition and wellness training and education through a turn-key curriculum uniquely adapted for people with intellectual disabilities, but effective for all. Club Wellness is an easy avenue for promoting inclusion in your organization or school.  





Club Wellness was developed over several years, with the expertise of many professionals, including:

  • Jim Chesnutt, M.D.

Sports Medicine, Family Medicine and Health Promotion


  • James Van Horne, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon

  • National Board Certified Special Education Teacher

  • Adaptive P.E. Teachers

  • Physical Therapist

  • Fitness Instructor with experience training special populations


Along with field testing and input from researchers and trainers, Club Members with intellectual disabilities provided input and suggestions that helped in the development of Club Wellness.

With the slogan: Learn Well...Be Well...Live Well, the program helps Club Members to understand not only what to do for better health, but how to do it and why it's important. Understanding (learn well) leads to behavior changes (be well) and ultimately an improved quality of life (live well).


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